Monday, December 29, 2008

New idea?

Just tested this one yesterday evening. Was just 5 minutes of work, the panels are not anchored at the portraits and stuff, but the idea is to place the groupframes where the raid usually is. When I am in the raid, the groupframes fade out. I have a new plan in my mind considering my map, maybe I should make it mouseover with a macro, so when I am in a raid there would be recount in the lower right corner, and when I'm not there is my minimap.


  1. So if you're ever in a position requiring you to emergency heal, you'd have to mouse over to determine who needed healing and who didn't?

    Seems a bit risky unless you intend to refuse any form of healing other then yourself.

  2. No no, the groupframes only fade out when I am raiding, which means that I can heal with grid showing my group. If I play a heroic instance you are able to see the group frames all the time.