Saturday, December 20, 2008

Every saga has a beginning...

... or so they say at least!
Since I noticed that the only constant is change in my Interface (it will always be a work in progress), I thought it's about time to set out my ideas in a blog, which will hopefully put an end to all the work I got with posting my interfaces in different forums after each small change.

Actually I'm working on a new idea once again, though it might be considered only as an update of my old one(s). What I did was I downloaded several wellknown interfaces such as Caith's or Duke's, installed them and tried to get some kind of a new concept. Overall there is no need to name the others, I was (at least a bit) surprised how grubby most of these works were, so I wasn't very successful, they just didn't had much going for. Anyway, the two mentioned were a synonym for concinnity, even though I only found one single idea I "borrowed" from each guy. Seriously, it is difficult to take parts from interfaces which look like all of a piece. Nevertheless I am happy to to present my Pitbull unitframes with new buffs/debuffs borders, and secondly a new background texture for my chat. The borders are as far as I know included in the .lua files, and due to my lack of knowledge about these files I was never able to realise my wishes until now. From Caith I took a background texture for (probably not only, we'll see) my chat, which gives the chat a more 3-dimensional look. So, in my opinion (very impartial, I know) I definitley like my chatframes more than the ones made by Caith.

You can see the screen enclosed, left side mine, right side the old ones by Caith. All I got to do now is to find a way to let my unitframes and buttonbackground fit into it. Work in progress, as always.

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