Monday, December 22, 2008

As a small anecdote aside

Did you know that it can be dangerous to log out while your interface is still all in a tumble? Usually I let my interface messed up after a long night of work with panels, buttons and unitframes distributed all over my screen. Today I logged in (mentioned in passing, I canceled my registration for the raid due to the fact that I was not able to play in the afternoon), and guess what I got: Raidinvite!

"We need you so much right now, no excuses!"

So I had no other choice except setting my interface while raiding, which means it has to be done fast. None the less I tried different positions of all my stuff used. I won't explain every single one now, because I am awake for about 36h once again, that's why I cut a long story short:

It is still far away from being completed, it looks a bit too squeezed on the one hand, and too empty on the other hand without grid. But I like the potencial behind this idea.

Good night.

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