Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Update! Well, this update may look as a small one for you, but for me it's a big one. Take a look at my new portrait panels, the border is deep black and exactly 1 pixel high (or wide). I recently found out that the border named "Blizzard Chat Bubble" perfectly serves as a black border (border edge size 1). Furthermore I do have more space now for my aggro- and dmgmeter. Probably above the chats, maybe below the minimap, I'm not sure yet. There were some smaller updates, too, like changing the font in the bottom or the position of the different pitbull texts.

I do plan to change the color, it is a bit too grey, this may be caused by the Naxxramas neon colored background, but a bit more color won't hurt.


  1. With everything else having a border or some type, any reason why you haven't given one to the mini map?

  2. Work in Progress :D
    There is a black border though. Everything got a black one except the chats. The problem is that the big border like around the chats is too big for smaller stuff. That's why everything else got a discreet black one.

  3. Could you post the chat border?

  4. Hey, I really like your setup you have. I've been trying to clean my UI up but I just so happen to be terrible at messing around with Pitbull. You've said before you were planning on releasing you UI do you have any idea when you might do so?